June 02, 2011 - Seldon.2010 expands the boundaries of e-commerce

SIA «Imperum» ( — platform of state and commercial procurement of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) and the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms have signed a license agreement for distributing «Information-analytical system Seldon.2010» and «Seldon.Consulting» in the Baltics, becoming the first official representative outside of the Russian Federation.

«We are sure that this collaboration will allow Russian businessmen to expand their business in the Baltic States and the European Union, as well as it will help our customers find new partners in Russia and increase sales of their products», said the Chairman of SIA «Imperum» Kaspars Rozenkopfs.

Combining data about current trading in the system SIA «Imperum» and IAS «Seldon.2010» and providing quality service in the presence of the customer have created favorable conditions for the formation of a new stage in the development of electronic commerce in Russia. In terms of objective interest in the trade integration of modern economies full, accessible and timely information about market conditions, its competitive environment, assessment of the volume and efficiency are the most important aspects in the management of foreign economic activity.

According to the CEO of the company-developer of AIS Seldon.2010 «ZAO AC-FUND» Andrei Fedorov: «The Agreement gives us the right to speak about the formation of a new high-qualitative source of information, which allows us to open Russian electronic auctions for European companies. Of course, we will develop this area not only to European countries, but also to the CIS. Appearance of our software product beyond Russia provides plenty of opportunities for accumulation and development of the information base, optimization of analytical algorithms, and building of partnerships to solve common problems in the field of electronic trading».