Procurement in numbers
Database Seldon has roughly 19 million purchases and 30 million lots which information was available on government and commercial electronic trading platforms.
The system shows both completed and ongoing purchases — the latter varies depending on the activity of customers and currently stands at more than 190 thousand.

Information gathering
Collecting data on procurement is a continuous process from 2006 to the present. The base of the system is updated hourly in automatic mode — thanks to that there is no human factor during information transfer.
Thus, using Seldon you will always have access to the latest and current tenders.

Single data format
The system consolidates procurement from various sources, so they are initially mixed.

From procurement to organizations
In addition to information about the purchase you can learn details of the auction organizer, and if the contract has been concluded, then you can learn details of the supplier.
Card of the company includes complete information about trades of this company.

Statistics for consumer prices of goods and services
Information of average producer and retail prices for goods and services in different regions (average annual; per month), provided by Federal State Statistics Service.
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