About us


Imperum Ltd. was founded in 2007 to facilitate the process of obtaining information for the entrepreneurs on government, municipal and commercial organizations’ announced procurements and tenders, compiling them in a convenient and transparent database, which is located at www.iepirkumi.lv

Currently iepirkumi.lv monitors all purchases from more than 2,000 sources, that were announced in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, providing its customers with information on recent procurements, changes and the results of completed procurements.

Since 2010 as support service and help for procurement announcers in construction field we have been offering to compose independent construction estimates and expertize. Read more at www.tames.lv

At the beginning of 2011 an agreement was reached between the Association of Electronic Trading Platforms ((Ассоциация Электронных Торговых Площадок), Russia) and the consortium, which consists of ЦЕНТР ВЛ Ltd. (Russia) Ltd. VL BALTIC, Ltd. ЦЕНТР ВЛ Latvian branch and Imperum Ltd., for mutual cooperation on the development of electronic markets, jointly monitoring both government and commercial structures’ announced procurements and the economic and informational security of the electronic markets and auctions.

A logical next step was a contract with SAS 'AC Fund "(" АЦ ФОНД ") - the program’s Seldon developer and maintainer, for the distribution and promotion of the system in the countries of European Union.
Imperum Ltd. is the official representative of the information-analytical system Seldon.2010 in the Baltics and other European Union countries.


This is a great instrument for work that will help to expand your company's export market and acquire new customers, business partners, meanwhile finding all the latest information on the procurements of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.