Unified source of information about procurement and organizations in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan

What is Seldon
Seldon is the largest and fastest procurement monitoring system of government and commercial structures’ planned and advertised procurements in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. You can acquire new customers and business partners in countries, whose total population exceeds 160 000 000.

Why use Seldon
  Procurements and procurements’ results from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
  More than 19,6 million advertised procurements and 23.800 million procurement lots
  More than 180 000 active procurements every day
  Procurements from more than 5500 procurement platforms, which are added every hour
  Database consisting of 8.2 million customers and suppliers
  Unscrupulous customers and suppliers database
  Analytical data since 2006 of the product groups, industries, customers and suppliers
  Utilization of real estate and movable property of bankrupt companies
  Retail price offers of represented companies’ products and services
  Free of charge usage training and on-line help 24 hours a day